Cluster not appearing in Agentless Managed

Ode to SCOM

It was a pain and a disaster
When you not find yourself a cluster
You search a Virtual Cluster class
And what you found is an empty glass

You know you have agents and a proxy there is
But you hear from behind your co-admin fizz:
“Where is my SQL, where is my node?”
“We thought that the SCOM is an informational lode!”

So I dig on the web and I search for a year
Until on my face all saw a drifting white tear
And we found a solution which might be a bit strange
A cluster co-admin made an unsupported change

There was some resources which were ages offline
But on MMC Snap-In everything was quite fine
So we run powershell and we search for those ones
And looking at output we found them at a glance

So there are some offline which are not in UI
So we run powershell and we told them goodbye
As we closed PS window and we switch once to SCOM
We saw some new objects and knew where they come from

And there you have it – my old admin friend
Every SCOM problem have come to an end
“The solution is gone” you might think at the start
At the end it will look like a mosquito fart.

So basically – when your cluster doesn’t appear in agentless managed nor as a Virtual Server class object, check you cluster and search from powershell if there are any resources missing, which are offline.

Get-ClusterResource | where {$_.state -eq 'offline'}

If so, remove them, for example:

Remove-ClusterResource "Cluster Disk 4"

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