SquaredUp 2.2 out now!

SquaredUp Portal is used in our company for several months. And we are very pleased with it. Especially since, in the version 2.2 saw the light of day. There are a few elements that are a major factor in the use of this, and not another console. They are: speed, transparency and heterogeneity. We do not want to deprive the ability to see the console on Chrome…  The aim of our company is to give the opportunity to all view of their environment and we have succeeded. But why I write about version 2.2? Two elements in our opinion were problematic and caused problems with the service console.

First one was the inability to see the server name of an object which didn’t have unique name in environment. That was for example disk C:. We wanted a dashboard with state of all disks there. Problem? All disks were just C’s and D’s and You had to click inside to see what was the path underneath.

Secondly we had few Operator roles and those roles were unable to use Maintenance Mode feature because of small bug inside the code. Whenever an Operator tried to launch MM on any object, pop-up appeared that you cannot put MM onto Management Server… On well, Operator had to use standard console for that. But now the problems are GONE!


The version 2.2 of SquaredUp Portal brings great enhancements, which for me are really good ones and are the right path SquaredUp team has going. From the http://www.squaredup.com:

  • new – Page-level scope and Clone allow the rapid creation of new dashboards
  • new – Grouping and sorting options for status sections, including label customization
  • new – Groups and distributed applications can be put into maintenance mode (requires page level scope to be set)
  • new – Support for loading extended properties (advanced)
  • new – In-line confirmation for delete and discard actions
  • fixed – Dashboard import did not work as expected in Internet Explorer 9
  • fixed – “Services delivered by this object” was failing due to a locking issue
  • fixed – Favorite metric stars under component view were disappearing when clicked
  • fixed – Operators were unable to put servers into maintenance mode
  • fixed – ‘aggregate’ and ‘top N’ options were not automatically re-selected when reconfiguring a performance section
  • change – The installer no longer prevents installation on Windows Server 2016 TP3 / IIS10

The first one is a great addition which you can see here (credits to SquaredUp):


This is really powerfull possibility to fully scope your dashboard when you are creating one view per group or distributed application. Again, this is a great stuff from SqUp team and a massive improvement in flexibility and usability. Moreover, the bugs and tweaks have been corrected and now we can fully go forward with great dashboards from SquaredUp. For me, SquaredUp is a one big step forwards towards Operations Manager management.


More info here: https://download.squaredup.com/downloads/download-info/squared-up-2-2/






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