OM 2016 and Nano Server

Looking at the latest build of System Center Operations Manager 2016 Technical Preview 4 (available for download at MSDN), I’ve noticed that there a small new folder in the installation media: “C:\SC TECHNICAL PREVIEW 4 SCOM\NanoAgent”


This is the special agent for Nano Server available for latest SCOM release. Because of special architecture of Nano Server, this agent is installed via PowerShell. Whole information is residing in NanoServer folder:


  • BinaryFileList – list of all files and folders that needs to be copied into specific folder in Nano Server. All files and folders are in the folder above (Pic. 1)
  • InstallNanoServerScomAgentOnline (and Uninstall…) – PS scripts to automatically install agent.
  • msvcp120 and msvcr120 dlls – binary libs
  • StaticRegistryEntry and VariableRegistryEntry – reg files for putting registry items into Nano Server

Let’s stop at the PowerShell first. The script is being launched with four parameters: Management Server FQDN, Management Group Name, Nano Server FQDN and Binary Folder

The script does 6 basic steps:

#1. Adding a rule to firewall
#2. Agent not installed previously
#3. Registry changes done for MG
#4. Folders created in Nano server
#5. Registry changes for Nano Agent in Nano server
#6. Performance counters installation for MomConnector and HealthService

So it’s more or less the same as standard agent installation. This script is being run remotely which is reflected in one the lines:

$NanoServerSystemDriveLetter = (Invoke-Command {$env:SystemDrive} -ComputerName $NanoServerFQDN)[0]

There are lots of scripts later on which are adding necessary information into Nano Server like registry entries:

$SubKeyName = “SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HealthService\Parameters\Management Groups\$ManagementGroupName

$ManagementServerId = Invoke-CimMethod -ComputerName $ManagementServerFQDN -ClassName StdRegProv -MethodName GetStringValue -Arguments @{sSubKeyName=$SubKeyName;sValueName=“ID”} -ErrorAction Stop

… or copy items

Copy-Item $BinaryFolder\$BinaryFile $InstallLocation\$DestinationSubDirectory -Force

… or uploading files for later use

Copy-Item $BinaryFolder\NanoServer\StaticRegistryEntry.reg $InstallLocation\StaticRegistryEntry.reg -Force -ErrorAction Stop

… or creating a service

sc.exe create HealthService binPath= $InstallLocationOnNano\HealthService.exe” type= share start= auto depend= rpcss DisplayName= “@$InstallLocationOnNano\HealthService.dll,-10500″

… or adding performance counters

lodctr $env:SystemDrive\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\HealthServiceCounters.ini”


So to install the agent on Nano Server, we can get some help from the manifest inside the script:




Uninstalls the SCOM Nano Agent from the Nano Server and unregisters it from the Management Server


InstallNanoServerSCOMAgentOnline.ps1 -ManagementServerFQDN MySCOMManagementServerName -ManagementGroupName MySCOMManagementGroupName -NanoServerFQDN MyNanoServerFQDN -BinaryFolder C:\MyNanoDrop\amd64\


This script installs the SCOM Nano Agent TP4 version on the given Nano Server machine. This script can run from both the management server and the

nano server. This script has to be run with administrative privileges. The user account which is used to run this script must also have administrative rights on the

Nano Server (if running remotely). Also make sure that the SCOM powershell module is imported before running the script.



So this gives you an idea of how Nano Server will be managed in future. Hopefully that will be integrated into Discovered Inventory to allow one pane of glass for agent installation.



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  1. can u able to share with demo example. Getting stuck with Nano Agents installation.

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