OMS – Change Tracking

Since early days, when System Center Advisor (*RIP*) was introduced as the first cloud enhancement for SCOM… or maybe GSM was first… never mind… it’s main focus was on tracking changes and reporting when it was changed. That evolved, been revamped, tuned, tweaked, few things thrown away, some added.

Right now Operations Management Suite has two main (and only) fields it works on regarding configuration changes. These are:

  • Service changes (not Status, but Startup Type)
  • Application installations


It’s good to have it – it gives you at a glance what has been installed. I’m a gamer, I love to play Football Manager. That means I needed to install on my private laptop Steam Client to download the game. As my laptop is connected to the OMS via Microsoft Monitoring Agent, it gathered the information and shown as below:


I can click “See all…” to also show my Steam client.


Because Steam is also a Service, I can see on Windows Service Changes pane on previous picture, that something happened. If I click through it I can see that there’s a new service on my PC.


And that’s all. I can also group, time slice, drill down etc. But that’s not the point. It’s not much we can do. BUT! Let’s assume Microsoft OMS Team is listening to customers… We’re not in a dream – they are. They started to listen to customers few years ago when Azure was starting to fight it’s way to the top. This may lead us to the point, where filling out surveys sent by OMS team to us will be an inevitable mark of what should be done next. From the survey we can read that future my bring us more investments in change tracking solution in OMS. There are multiple fields we can choose from by prioritizing sources of change. Those are:

  • Registry Values (like HKLM changes)
  • File changes (to choose which files need to be monitored, ie. web.config)
  • Active Directory
  • Group Policy
  • Windows Firewall
  • Azure IaaS VM
  • Infrastructure Apps (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint)
You can also point out which other sources can be nice to have. I added Azure RM Security Groups. You can have your own ones.
Survey is available at “provide your feedback” link. I haven’t been added to chat panel yet, although at every survey I point out that would be interested. Oh well, maybe someday 🙂
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