SquaredUp 2.3 summary

So again hello. As always hadn’t much time to write anything but since there’s some free time, let’s check what’s there out on the market. SquaredUp 2.3 dashboard solution is out there for a while. As for today it’s 2.3.7 with some major and minor fixes. The most important solution (and now a stable one) is Open Access dashboards. The SqUp page sums it as…

Open Access dashboards allow you to make non-interactive dashboards available to all of your users, both SCOM and non-SCOM, with a single-click and no additional set-up or configuration.

The whole point of that is:

  • This solution doesn’t “eat” your license. You can have as many OA dashboards as you like.
  • This solution doesn’t require SCOM access for users
  • This solution is based on rendering static picture out of prepared dashboards in the background. It’s refreshed every xx seconds and rendered back so it’s a pretty fine solution for your widescreen.

There are many scripts you can use later on to get for example 10 links for such dashboards and rotate them every 10 seconds or so on separate page. You can also use add-ons like https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/tab-slideshow/ for FireFox which will cycle through open tabs.





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